Frequently Asked Questions

What are Pallets?

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What kind of pallet should be used—new or used, wood or plastic?

A pallet is a horizontal platform device used as a base for assembling, storing, handling, and transporting materials and products as a unit load, typically equipped with a super-structure.

Using pallet is our goods are secured and prevent from damage?

Pallet provides protection to the product it is holding, and the coverage of the bottom deck of the pallet can prevent damage to palletized goods, upon which another pallet may be stacked. More recently, a pallet affixed with RFID or GPS technology can also offer the benefits of information and/or location tracking both for the pallet itself, and for the merchandise it is carrying.

What is a stackable pallet?

Stackable pallets have bottom support so as to be able to be placed on top of another loaded pallet and provide stability during storage and transport.

What is a custom made pallet?

As you wander throughout the internet looking for the size pallet you need, you may find that certain sizes are more common than others. If your shipment requires a size that you cannot find, a custom made pallet may be for you. Our custom made pallets do not require a mold to be made and can be configured to your specific requirements. We can make light weight small and large pallets and also heavier duty pallets and skids that can last for years.

Why do pallet prices fluctuate?

The resin used to manufacture plastic pallets is an oil based product. As the price of oil goes up and down (mostly up) so does the price of plastic pallets.

How do I know what pallet is right for me?

Great question! Believe it or not, there is an extensive amount of knowledge tied to the use of plastic pallets. What size? How much weight does it need to hold? What are you using the pallet for? How are you moving the pallet? And many many more questions. By talking with you, we can narrow down what pallet is right for you and how you will be using it.

Why are wood pallets still popular?

Wood pallets are basically reliable, perform the job well, and have been around a long time. However, times are changing. Environmental concerns, weight related higher fuel costs and workplace injuries are reasons why users should consider alternatives.

What pallets does MECCA offer?

MECCA offers the most popular size wood, presswood, plastic and paper pallets that are lightweight, affordable and durable.

What is A 2-Way & 4-Way Entry?

2 way – pallet jack or forklift can enter and be retrieved on 2 opposite sides of the pallet.
4 way – pallet jack or forklift can enter and be retrieved on all sides of the pallet.

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